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דף הבית קליניקה הרצאות פרסומים נבחרים מידע שימושי יצירת קשר קישורים English מפת האתר


18th Pinchas Lavon st.

Lev Hayasmin - Medical House


Holds Lectures for Heterogenic audience that includes Doctors, Nutritionists and for the open public.

Gives Nutritional and Sport Guidance for the individual.

Writes and advertises professional articles for the media.

Serves as "Harduf - Company for Organic Food" Adviser.

A member of "A.T.I.D" - the Israeli Dietitian Association.

דנה איידלר רזניק דיאטנית קלינית

Certified Clinical Dietitian, B.Sc Graduate of the 'School of Nutritional Sciences' at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Qualified Health and fitness Trainer, encompassing advanced studies in Youth and Children. Graduate of the the 'Nat Holman School for Coaches and Trainers', Wingate Institute.

Works as a Clinical Dietitian at 'Schneider Hospital' -  Children's Medical Center of Israel.

Certified Support Groups Mentor for Wise Nutritional Habits and Weight loss of the 'Bob Shapel School of Social Work', Tel Aviv University.

Sharon Area

(Natanya, Hadera, Kfar Yona, Lev Hasharon Villages & Emek Hefer Villages)

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